Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive a custom designed bat?

Custom order bats take approximately 10 business days plus shipping. Bats with a natural finish in all models and lengths are in stock and can be shipped quicker.

Can I get my team name engraved/printed on the bat?

Yes, you can add up to 3 lines (20 characters each line) of personalization.

What size bat should I use?

A player should be able to swing their bat with a smooth level motion and have control of the bat when swinging at full speed. You should be able to hold the bat with your arm extended without your arm dropping. If you are unsure, use the same size that you have used in a metal bat.

5-7 24 to 26 inches
8-9 26 to 28 inches
10 28 to 29 inches
11-12 30 to 31 inches
13-14 31 to 33 inches
15-up 33 to 34 inches
Do your bats come with a cupped barrel? What does this do?

Yes, you can select cupping as an option when creating your order. Cupping is carving out the inside of the end of the bat for the purpose of removing weight. The center of gravity and sweet spot moves inward towards the handle.

Is there a warranty on the bats?

Each bat comes with guarantee that you receive the exact bat that you ordered. Due to the nature of wood bats, there is not a warranty after they have been used. We suggest when using wood bats, you should always keep several on hand!

Which wood is better: Maple or Ash?

Ultimately, it is your own personal preference but each has their own characteristics. Maple is denser than ash and has a tighter grain, making the ball jump off the bat very quickly. Ash is 20% less dense than maple and flexes. When a ball hits an ash bat, the wood compresses and has a spring board effect. The wood grain in maple bats will compact and get harder until they eventually explode while the wood grain in ash will slowly separate over time causing the bat to get softer or parts of the bat to flake off.

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